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To many if you mention Social Media, the first two platforms that come to mind are Facebook or Instagram. Whilst these may be popular choices when it comes to Social Media, there are plenty of markets that are missed.


Now we understand the relevance when it comes to these two key platforms especially when it comes to reach (how many people are potentially seeing your posts), however picture this…


What is happening to those people using the other platforms that your competitors are not maximizing? Exactly that! Nothing, therefore this is why are big fans of maximizing your reach in all areas that matter.


Below is a list of some of the key platforms:






Google Plus




Naturally even in this list we have missed off key players such as Tumblr, Reddit etc. but naturally the list is endless.


We aren’t telling you to go too broad and try and tackle every single market as lets face it that would take up all of your time each day. However, what we are saying is be sure to check out markets relevant to you!


Are you a photographer? Or offer a product for home décor? Then you should be maximizing your efforts on Pinterest alongside Instagram.


Want to learn more about the services we offer and what platforms we recommend? Take a look at the individual pages by clicking on the appropriate link. Alternatively take a look at our blog for further posts on each of the platforms.

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