Social Media In Plettenberg Bay

Social Media In Plettenberg Bay

by Social Guru October 26, 2016

Plettenberg Bay In South Africa

Deep along the coastline of The Garden Route lies Plettenberg Bay. Known as Plett, the town itself even has its own hashtag #plettitsafeeling proving just how focused you need to be with social media when running a business in Plettenberg Bay or the surrounding area.


How To Promote My Business On Social Media

One of the great things about Social Media is the targeting aspect. Platforms such as Facebook allow you to focus on certain areas that coincide with your business. This is a great tool if you are a local business looking to hit only local visitors.

So for example in this instance the key focus is Plettenberg Bay in South Africa, so we would want to target only people from Plett.

Be sure to add your business address so people searching for a particular business can see you come up. For example if you are a coffee shop, having your address and your business type as Coffee Shop, people using the search functions will more likely find you than a business in Cape Town.

If you are from the area be sure to invite all your friends to the page, as no doubt they will help share the page and gain access to local support.

There are plenty of other tips we can provide, but this will be in another post. Watch this space!


Social Media Agencies In The Garden Route

A popular scenic route alongside the South African coastline, The Garden Route is a must see for tourists and a place many plan to retire.

That being said it is therefore essential to maximize on your Social Media to help promote your business to both locals and visitors.

One of the easiest ways to market your business and build a brand name is done by Social Media.

Finding a Social Media Agency to deal with your business is as simple as a Google Search, however finding one suitable for your business is a whole different story.

This is why we have created a blog post to help you find a Social Media Management Agency in The Garden Route. For more… Click here!


Social Media Management In Plettenberg Bay

Although finding a local company isn’t always necessary, it does help make things more personal. So if you are a business in Plett, there will be a number of reasons why you would try to find a Social Media Management Agency in Plettenberg Bay:

  • They know the area well
  • They are more likely to be available for a local meeting
  • They can help with content such as images
  • They may have contacts that are local to help grow the accounts

That being said, a company further a field may offer a much better service. It truly is a case of enquiring with a number of businesses and see which one truly suits your business model.


To Conclude:

So now you know the basics of running Social Media accounts in Plettenberg Bay and what to look for when finding an agency to create a strategy for your business.

The price of Social Media Management can vary depending on the requirements and the company you are dealing with. For more information on pricing… Click here!


How Can We Help?

Socialmediamanagement.co.za is an online Social Media Agency who offer numerous services to help build your online brand reputation. From our one off Social Media consultations to training for your whole team, we pride ourselves in a unique service for all types of business models.

Alternatively try our monthly Social Media management services which provide you with the growth and ROI you are looking for whilst you focus on what you do best… Running your business.

For further information, get in touch with us today.


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