How Much Should You Pay For A Social Media Specialist

by Social Guru October 26, 2016

Marketing A Business With Social Media

Growing a business isn’t what it used to be. Once upon a time “Word of mouth”, Newsletters, and general flyers would suffice in a world of business promotion.

In today’s modern day and age the big burning question is… Social Media!

Does it help? Is it vital? Will I get a great return on investment? The short answer is yes!

Picture this… You are watching television and the adverts come on… What does everyone in the room do? They go on their phones, and browse Facebook, or similar social media platforms. Are they actually paying attention to the adverts on the TV? Nope!

Point proven!


Should You Pay For Social Media?

So now we have a better understanding of Social Media and its importance in your business marketing strategy.

The question now is; should you pay for it? Naturally each business is different, but Social Media takes times.

It is often neglected as an easy aspect of marketing because people think they are Social Media specialists due to the fact they use Facebook every day.

This is all well and good, but there is more to it than just sharing funny pictures of cats.

This is where a Social Media Specialist comes into play. They should know the platforms that are best suited to your business, know how to target potential customers and also be able to research all aspects of your business model to help get the best out of these platforms.

A lot of this can be taught from online resources, but this takes time, energy and much more whilst you should be focusing on what you do best… Running the business.


How Much Is Social Media Management?

Once you are in a position to hire a Social Media Agency to help manage your Social Media accounts, the next question is… How much should you pay?

This honestly varies dependent on your requirements. Some companies will want to focus primarily on the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Whilst others would like to delve deeper into aspects such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and much more.

Even then, you must look into how often you want to post, will it be a few times a day, every other day, or even less frequently?

The best way to move forward with this is to contact a company who are experienced in Social Media and explain a brief outline of your business model. They will then audit your current set up, and write back to you with a proposal.

Things to look out for on the proposal are:

  • What platforms do they recommend?
  • How often do they propose to post
  • Do they have a portfolio of their current/previous work?
  • Will they create the content, or must you supply it?
  • Will they set up new accounts for you and edit them for the best results?

Anything else is an added bonus!


Social Media Specialists In South Africa

The next question is finding a social media specialist in South Africa. Is it a requirement? Not necessarily.

One of the great things about Social Media and modern digital marketing is that it can be done online. Emails, Skype Calls and general consultations can be done virtually with need to even meeting the company in person.

That being said, it is always recommended to try and visit or at least put a face to the name when they will be responsible for your brand development online.

A professional Social Media Specialist in South Africa would carry out a number of tasks FREE of charge to help show they are a suitable candidate for running your social media accounts.

Before signing any type of contract, always ensure you are happy with what they are providing and if you have any queries, be sure to do so before agreeing to any further commitments.


How To Find An Affordable Social Media Management Agency?

Finding a Social Media Management Agency is an easy task. Just a simple search on Google will show some of the top companies in the area. Always be sure to check out their portfolio to see the types of companies they have dealt with.

You will be able to gauge a lot about them from how they answer your queries and the ideas they put forward.

Always be sure to enquire with a few companies to see what they offer differently, it may also help give you ideas of how you want to run your social media campaigns.

Should you go cheap? There is usually a reason why they are cheap. If you have heard good things about the company then affordable pricing is fine, but in this day and age, just about anyone can start a site and call themselves Social Media Specialists.


To Conclude:

To summarize, there are a number of aspects to consider when hiring a social media specialist. Price is always an important part, but as the old saying goes “buy cheap, you buy twice”.

Results are key in this industry so make sure you enquire about what they offer before taking the plunge.

Observing the work of various agencies in the industry there is no “set price” or “set strategy” each agency is different. So be sure to see what they offer and how they suggest that they will hit the targets set out by your business.


How Can We Help?

Socialmediamanagement.co.za is an online Social Media Agency who offer numerous services to help build your online brand reputation. From our one off Social Media consultations to training for your whole team, we pride ourselves in a unique service for all types of business models.

Alternatively try our monthly Social Media management services which provide you with the growth and ROI you are looking for whilst you focus on what you do best… Running your business.

For further information, get in touch with us today.

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