The Importance Of Social Media In Growing Your Business

The Importance Of Social Media In Growing Your Business

by Social Guru October 26, 2016

What Is Social Media?

If you are unaware of the infamous Social Media, boy do you have your work cut out. You must have heard of some of the following platforms?

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

And so on… There are plenty more that we could bore you with but you get the picture.

Social Media is exactly what the title implies… It’s a social platform for those sharing all sorts of stories, images, videos and much more.

Each of the different platforms offers a unique take on the world of Social Media. For example Instagram is solely about sharing images, whilst something like Twitter is for sharing a “tweet” which is text with limited amounts of characters.


Why Is It Important?

Well… To begin with, just about everyone has an account on at least one of the platforms mentioned above. From your young son or daughter, to your grandma. It is just a social norm in today’s modern age.

This may not answer your question fully, but picture the amount of people you can target to online just by being on some of these platforms. A perfect way to market your business to relevant people whilst also building your brand name.

Gone are the days of reading a newspaper or watching adverts on Television…

  1. These adverts are far too expensive
  2. We mostly do this online
  3. Social Media paid ads are currently so much cheaper.

So now what?


Can Anyone Do It?

Everyone see themselves as a specialist when they have X amount of “friends” on Facebook. However try transition those friends into Business Page Likes, and build a strategy that tells you when to post for the best engagement on these platforms.

The list goes on! So can anyone do it? Of course they can, with some basic Social Media know how. Which takes time and effort to learn! So you must ask yourself? Is my time best spent doing this? Do I employ someone to do it? Or do I pay an agency who specialist in this type of work to help grow my online presence?


Is It Suitable For My Business?

If you are asking yourself this… Leave now!

Seriously though, isn’t the purpose of a business to pay the bills and maximise on profit? Even in charity instances, you want to be known for the right reasons and show people exactly what you are doing.

Do you need a website? Nope! A lot of companies just have social media pages.

Is it expensive? Only as expensive as you want it to be, but if you choose the right people for the job your ROI (return on investment) should be much greater!

For more on pricing take a look here… Click Me!


What Will It Achieve?

You must see your business as a Media Company. You are looking for more than just a quick sale. It is about brand recognition and reputation.

We want to be seen by everyone, and remembered for the right reasons. Companies like Ben & Jerry’s worked solely on the community aspect, combine that with marketing to the masses, and you are onto a winner.

It isn’t about the “Likes” and “Follows” it is about the whole aspect of engaging with customers. It truly is taking Customer Service to a whole new level.


To Conclude:

So now we have a bit of a better understanding as to why Social Media is such an important aspect for any business. Whether you have been around for 100 years or just starting out, it is essential.

A company with a fantastic reputation, who has been winning for the past 60 years in a particular sector, could slowly slip away to a company that has been up and running for six months, solely due to the fact they are focusing on where the customers are.

So in short… Yes! Social Media is vital!


How Can We Help?

Socialmediamanagement.co.za is an online Social Media Agency who offer numerous services to help build your online brand reputation. From our one off Social Media consultations to training for your whole team, we pride ourselves in a unique service for all types of business models.

Alternatively try our monthly Social Media management services which provide you with the growth and ROI you are looking for whilst you focus on what you do best… Running your business.

For further information, get in touch with us today.

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