How To Find A Social Media Management Agency

by Social Guru October 26, 2016

Finding A Social Media Agency

You have made that leap into finding a Social Media Agency to help grow your business online.

Whilst you have made the right choice, it is very easy to slip up and choose a Social Media Management solution that could potentially damage the brand name and cause more stress than any benefits.

Therefore we have compiled a list of things to look out for.


What To Look For?

Firstly before agreeing to any contract or offering, it is recommended that you look into the company and what they have to offer.

Each Social Media Specialist will offer different solutions to your requirements. It is therefore important to look into numerous aspects.

Aspects we would look into include:

  • Their current/previous clients
  • Work they have carried out
  • Online reviews and feedback from existing clients
  • Pricing
  • What they can offer

Never just go with your first quote. Always enquire with a few different agencies in order to get a deal that suits your business model.


What Must They Offer Me?

When enquiring with a Social Media Management Agency always ask what they can offer, how they recommend achieving your goals, and of course how much will it cost you.

You should always go into a meeting or enquiry with a basic idea of what you want. This is also why we recommend getting a few quotes to ensure you can get the best offering for your requirements.

Once you have taken the plunge to email a few companies, they should send you a proposal with their findings and what they propose for your business.

They should also research the business to see how others are doing it in your field.

Each proposal should be unique to the business. This is why we never include full prices on our website as one companies requirements are totally different to another.


Pricing For Social Media Management

The pricing for a package will vary according to what you require, what the company proposes, and a number of other aspects.

Aspects that we would consider include:

  • What platforms
  • How much involvement you want
  • How often they should post
  • Paid adverts
  • Etc.

For further information on pricing, take a look at this post.


Large Or Small Business:

A burning question we often get asked is should you use a large Social Media business, small firm or a freelancer for your business?

Once again it depends on the results you want to achieve. Things to consider:

  • Freelancers – Work alone, and often not as busy as larger businesses. They will often work longer hours and have a personal touch to their services providing even quicker response times.
    The main drawback is if they get too busy, your services may drop. This isn’t usually the case but something to consider.
  • Small Firms – Small firms often offer a great solution to your Social Media requirements. Due to their size you usually get the personal touch as well as the professional aspects you would get with a larger firm.
    A lot of Social Media tools cost companies to use so having a company that can afford these may help to grow your business. However often Freelancers can manage without these.
  • Large Firms – Larger firms or corporate businesses offer great benefit when it comes to Social Media management due to their power in the field and expertise.
    However one thing to take note of is their focus and personal touch. Often you will find that they may have an Account Manager deal with your particular business, which is great but if the work is constantly being passed over, it may show in your Social Media posts where different employees carry them out. This isn’t always the case but be careful of this.


To Conclude:

Finding a Social Media company that can help your business grow is the easy part. A simple search online will present plenty of results. Often you will find a variety of services available, however you will need to look at what you are after, how they can help you achieve your goals and how how much the services cost.


How Can We Help?

Socialmediamanagement.co.za is an online Social Media Agency who offer numerous services to help build your online brand reputation. From our one off Social Media consultations to training for your whole team, we pride ourselves in a unique service for all types of business models.

Alternatively try our monthly Social Media management services which provide you with the growth and ROI you are looking for whilst you focus on what you do best… Running your business.

For further information, get in touch with us today.

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