10 Social Media Trends 2022

10 Social Media Trends 2022

by Tez Ferguson May 02, 2022
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Most of us spend a significant amount of time on social media platforms, which is far from an exaggeration. It would be hard to find someone who feels differently in today’s environment.

Social media has become a big part of people’s lives. People check it first thing when they wake up and sometimes even before getting out of bed.

Social media trends are constantly changing, and businesses need to change with them. There are new trends, and companies need to keep up with them to stay competitive.

Given the significance of social media in consumers’ lives, marketers and companies flock to social networks to meet their target customers. However, there is much content on social media campaigns, and the competition is fierce. If you don’t have a solid social media marketing plan, it might be tough for you to stand out. Keeping up with the latest social media trends can help fuel your strategy and set you apart from the crowd.

As a social media strategy marketing firm, we hope this essay helps you stay on top of industry developments, so trends do not catch you off guard. We’ve compiled a list of 10 social media trends 2022 changes to keep an eye on in this article.

1. Tiktok will dominate the social media platforms

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TikTok has exploded in popularity. There was a 61% increase in the term ‘TikTok videos’ throughout the first half of 2021. TikTok is also the first non-Facebook software to reach 3 million worldwide downloads.

TikTok has also released several valuable tools, such as advertisements and business profiles, in recent years intending to aid companies. As a result, it’s no longer just social media platform for young dancers to exhibit their talents. Overall, it appears set to become one of the most popular social media platforms for marketers to reach millennials and younger generations.

With the majority of social media experts urging marketers to place their focus on video content marketing strategies, for the time being, there’s no doubt that live videos on social media platforms will grow in popularity in 2022, a predominantly reason why TikTok will dominate social media.

2. Social commerce will continue to expand

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Companies have utilised social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook for a long time to sell their items. However, by 2022, purchasing items straight from social media will become the norm. People won’t only use it for cutting-edge brands. EMarketer forecasts that the social commerce industry will be worth $80 billion in 2025.

This 2022 makes sense that brands are contemplating how they can reach new target audiences through social media platforms, foster deeper relationships with existing audiences, and improve customer service to ensure long-term customer loyalty. 

3. Short-form videos will be the social media trend

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Short-form video content is still one of the most popular types of material on social media platforms. According to Cisco, by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video. This emphasises how important it is to use video to remain competitive in social media marketing. Many brands are also thinking of introducing premium video-based content to engage people further. Short-form videos can quickly grab users’ attention and keep them hooked to the screen. 

It would be best to start making videos as part of your content marketing strategy. Shortly, video creation will be essential on social media. If you don’t create content videos for your social media platform, you will have difficulty succeeding. What is important to remember for the future is that long-form content is no longer as popular as it used to be. You can see this by looking at how successful Instagram stories and Tiktok videos have become. People now prefer shorter, more engaging videos.

4. Social audio will become more popular

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Social Audio has grown more popular on social media trends in recent months. Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces have given people a new way to communicate with each other using platforms. These live audio rooms are amusing and valuable for fostering connections and conducting business.

As more people begin to use social audio, platforms will continue to emerge, and the popularity of this trend will continue to grow. This 2022, we expect to see even more social audio media and an increase in people using them.

5. Reaching new audiences will become the primary goal

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According to research completed by HubSpot, most marketers’ leading social media goals in 2022 will be to reach new audiences, grow relationships with customers, and boost customer service. Previously, these goals focused more on increasing sales and advertising products. 

Social media will be a place to reach and engage a broader target audience. You can use these platforms to educate people about industry-specific stuff, provide enhanced customer support, and nurture vendor-customer trust.

This development has been labelled a paradigm shift in the social media industry.

6. Paid Advertising Will Become a Must

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Paid advertising will most certainly become a requirement if you want to succeed in today’s digital world, with many competitors vying for consumers’ attention on social media.

Although more brands have already started using paid social media advertising to reach their target demographic over the past few years, it will be a critical component of winning any digital marketing strategy by 2022. As more businesses turn to this approach, the costs of spending on sponsored messages will rise, making it impossible for those who are not financially prepared or willing to invest in these campaigns to profit from them.

By staying aware of these social media trends, many brands may guarantee that they are competitive in an ever-changing social media environment. While each direction may not directly impact your brand or industry, you must stay informed about changes.

7. Outsourcing to a Marketing Influencer

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Influencer marketing is not a new concept, but it’s becoming increasingly popular. Many people are active on popular social media platforms these days, and many of them are social media marketers. These individuals are being compensated a lot of money to promote businesses.

From both perspectives, this development has been embraced. There’s not just a rise in the number of social media influencers but also an increase in business marketing expenditure on influencer marketing.

8. Increase Use of Social Media Marketing for Customer Service

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Social media platforms have traditionally been used as human connections virtually. Internet users would share photos and videos on social media. However, those days are long gone. Social media is now so much more than just that. There are now so many different ways to use social media to connect with people and share information.

Brands now take advantage of social media networks to deliver customer service. This is in addition to being used as a retail platform and product discovery platform.

Brands started to notice that many customers were trying to reach out to them on social media. This may have been because the customers did not get a response from the brands on other channels or felt that social media was a more direct way to reach the brands.

Many brands started responding to these messages and directing customers to the proper channels.

9. User-generated Content Will Continue to Be Popular

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Brands using user-generated content marketing is not a new trend, but it is still popular. The only thing that has changed is how fast this trend is spreading. More and more marketers are using UGC now.

Some companies, like Daniel Wellington, encourage their customers to produce content and tag them for a chance to be featured on the company’s page. Others, such as Olay or Dove, run relevant marketing initiatives that encourage people to submit their entries into the campaign.

User-generated content, particularly on the Internet, is a crucial source of material for several businesses. For example, Airbnb entirely relies on user-generated content for its social media posts.

10. More businesses will focus on local customers.

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Location-based targeting is a way to reach out to and aimed a specific audience from an exact geographic location. Local brands often use this, usually done on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Adding a location to your social media content marketing can help attract a local audience. This is often called local targeting. When people see that you are near them, they are more likely to be interested in what you have to say.

You can use social media platforms like Instagram to help people find your content. If you add locations to your posts, they will show up in search results for people looking for things near them.

Geo-targeting can help you target the right audiences for your promoted posts or tweets.

Warp Up:

Here are just a few trends that will dominate the social media platform in 2022 and beyond. You may stay ahead of your rivals by taking advantage of these phenomena.

The most anticipated changes are the increasing popularity of TikTok and short-form video content. While Instagram and Twitter will continue to be significant (particularly to B2B firms), 2022 may be the year for smaller networks like Pinterest and Snapchat. Oh, and eCommerce businesses must embrace social commerce.

Last but not least, user-generated content is likely to endure since businesses search for new methods to engage their customers.

Whether you’re a social media marketer or a company owner looking for innovative top social media trends in content marketing opportunities, staying up with the most recent social media trends is critical to capitalise on these technologies.

It’s important to remember that social media platforms are a dynamic and competitive space. What worked before isn’t guaranteed to generate the same results. So, keep abreast of the latest developments around these themes and use these for your social media feeds.

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